Thursday, October 13, 2016

Visit the happy land - Bhutan

(Sorry for writing this blog in mixture of English and Mandarin. Please use google translate).
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Bhutan, which is not in my travel list. In my impression, it will be boring to visit with all temples. But, heard of the unique and environment protection policies by this country and because having the company of travel buddies, I joined the trip, I wonder how a country can manage using the "happiness index".


进入不丹的遊客,被规定一定要导游倍同,也一定要依据所定的最低消费率,每个每曰200 或250 USD 美金。

可能不注重物質享受的生活,对食物也沒有太多的慾望。这一趟,虽然是不曾有大鱼大肉的餐食,但餐桌不却少的是,清新爽口的蔬菜 (very organic) ,没有太多的調味和酱料。还有香醇的牛奶和鸡蛋。因为佛教的不杀生,肉类都是进口的。


Smoking is totally banned in the whole country.
Most of the time, thier prison vacant due to low crime.

全国大都是信佛的,但我好像沒有看到烧着污烟脏气的焚烧炉,也沒有听到大声的诵经。只看到嘴边微微地动着,心里默默地念着的信徒。这也算是非常環保的。no dust pollution, no noise pollution.

Bhutan - Land of thunder dragon "Druk".
Bhutan still preserve thier traditional art and culture very well. Thier traditional costume "Gho" for guys and "Kira" for ladies still commonly seen. All the building are controlled to be the same following traditional architecture.

With the lively stories telling from our tour guide, the trip is not boring at all. We are lucky to have a humour tour guide, Kharga. All photos below with interesting religions histories and mythology below. Check out the interesting story with your guide if you saw the below....

Four good friend
the powerful Phallus - the Divine mad monk "thunderbolt"
chsing away the evil spirit.
49 flags for the death. (why 49?)
hill which full with blesses from many 49 flags.

sign of "treasure" - look like something else, haha!
do u see "bhudda hair style" from the window?
majority of the design of window in Bhudda hair style"

My travel buddies for this trip like to take photos with gorgeous posture. Our tour guide was also trained on the spot to be semi-pro photographer and become main model in the whole trip.
"actually I'm trying to shoot the architecture of the bin which is not straight behind. but you two model are too long there"

in front Mandala Resort


世界在大, 童真和儿戏却是一样的。

回程後,我重复看了以下这短片无数,嘴角还是不停的往上翘,心里也是甜甜的。几十年前童年的遊戏,再玩起来,一点都不生疏. (You can try to click this video link here child play)


Our last day itinerary - Taktsand Monastery (tiger nest)
After a day hike to Taktsang, refresh ourselves with hot stone bath at night before our last dinner in homestay. This is special request and it was a wonderfull experience too.

回程时,我才注意到从Bhutan Paro 去 Nepal Khathmandu 的飞机航線会沿着 Himalaya 的山脉飞行。很幸运的,这段行程我看到了世界第一高(Everest) 和第三高( Kanchenjunga) 的山峰。

Mount Everst
Mount Everest

回来时, 心里头也不知是什么滋味, 再加上马上进入繁忙的状态。 我尽然流泪了。。。


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